Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Vanity is a Myth

I recently read a book (Birth of Venus, by Sarah Dunant, if you're curious) which described a "bonfire of the vanities" that took place in Florence, Italy in the early 1500s. The dominant preacher called for all "vanities" to be burned publicly- jewelry, artwork, women's false hair, anything deemed too ostentatious. Once they were rid of, the preacher claimed, peace would come to the city, having humbled itself to rags. Short story- it didn't work.

What does anyof this have to do with haircolor, you ask? In my experience as a stylist, I have had several clients deny themselves the opportunity to have their hair colored, for fear that it is vain, or would make them become so.

Ask anyone who experiences salon haircolor, and she or he will tell you why they do it- in order to feel better about themselves, especially clients who require gray coverage. Is this vanity? No. It is taking care of one's appearance, just the same as choosing flattering clothing, or maintaining the beauty of one's home.It gives clients a list in self-esteem, and can truly make a difference in one's attitude.

New techniques and color formulations are created every day, so treat yourself to a new look. And if you look in the mirror a little mroe often, what's the harm in that?

I promise I won't tell.